Who are we doing it for?

Since becoming an Assistant Head last year and critically looking at our current ways of assessing and tracking student progress I have constantly been asking myself the questions: ‘Why are we doing this?’ and ‘Who are we doing it for?’ If the answer isn’t ‘the students’, then we have gone wrong somewhere. There have been […]

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Lesson Observations: Solly Style!

If I had to pick the one thing I did in my first year as Assistant Head that had the most impact it would be introducing Developmental Lesson Observations. They have completely changed the way we view lesson observations at LHS and they have become a much more positive process for all involved. Here’s how it […]

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Keeping it Fresh

Recently I stopped to reflect on my seven years of teaching experience and it dawned on me that every new year I have taken on a new role. Not once have I started an academic year with the same exact same job description as the year before. For someone like me who get bored easy […]

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Introducing a new CPD programme

As a relatively new member of SLT, I started this academic year full of hope and enthusiasm. I have been able to relinquish my secondary role as Head of Key Stage and was eager to hit the ground running and introduce my newly developed CPD programme. A brief introduction in a first-day staff meeting was […]

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