Introducing a new CPD programme

As a relatively new member of SLT, I started this academic year full of hope and enthusiasm. I have been able to relinquish my secondary role as Head of Key Stage and was eager to hit the ground running and introduce my newly developed CPD programme. A brief introduction in a first-day staff meeting was met with a mixed response – some nodding heads and half smiles, some questions about logistics, but on the whole I was happy with how it went. My programme is the result of the Associate CPD Leadership course with the TDT. Three visits to London, hours reading journal articles and many focus groups and surveys later I was happy with what I had produced. My programme consults the current research on effective CPD programmes whilst taking into account the wants and needs of my school staff. It focuses on four key topics, taking each in turn on a cycle of experimentation and discussion. It’s all very new for our school and so a big change for all involved.

I was extremely grateful to be able to present my programme to our Governors. As daunting as this can be, I actually enjoyed having the opportunity to share what I have put together and, more importantly, why I had structured it in the way I had. It was great to have the governors question my programme which has made me think about how I need to make small adjustments in order to make it more effective. Delivering my programme in more detail at a Head of Department meeting enabled me to reflect further on how people will approach it – what pitfalls I may encounter that I hadn’t even thought of ,but also great ideas about how it can be delivered. I know it is important to give staff time to be able to prepare adequately and I am very conscious that if I am asking staff to do something new I need to be able to provide them with the time and resources to do it, and even take something else away. I am hoping that with my positive energy and a programme that meets their needs, staff will positively engage in it as they can see it as being something that can help them become more effective as a practitioner but ultimately have a greater impact on their student outcomes. If they can all take one small thing away from this programme that they implement in their everyday practice I will be happy. I’ve got to see how the first cycle goes first!

I’ll let you know how I get on …

Further reading:

TDT: What makes effective CPD?

Timperley (2007): Teacher Professional Learning and Development


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