sChool reports: what is the best way forward?

The end of term for me is filled with hours and hours of report reading. This half-term alone, I have proofread three year groups worth of reports. On the one hand, I enjoy reading through them and getting to know each student and how they are performing in each subject, but on the other hand, I can’t help but think about all of the other things I could be doing, things which could be more productive and be having a greater impact for the School

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Creating strategic alignment

Whilst creating my new CPD programme which launched in School this September, I also looked at how effective our Professional Management system was, how our INSET budget was spent and how all of this feeds into the School Development Plan. What I found was that all of these things kind of ran independently of each […]

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Can we see learning take place?

When I carried out my first learning walks as Assistant Head I announced to staff that I was popping into lessons to look at the learning that was taking place not the teaching. My aim was to shift the focus of my observations from the teachers themselves onto the students to try and make lesson […]

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Who are we doing it for?

Since becoming an Assistant Head last year and critically looking at our current ways of assessing and tracking student progress I have constantly been asking myself the questions: ‘Why are we doing this?’ and ‘Who are we doing it for?’ If the answer isn’t ‘the students’, then we have gone wrong somewhere. There have been […]

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Lesson Observations: Solly Style!

If I had to pick the one thing I did in my first year as Assistant Head that had the most impact it would be introducing Developmental Lesson Observations. They have completely changed the way we view lesson observations at LHS and they have become a much more positive process for all involved. Here’s how it […]

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